Friday, January 29, 2010


my all time FAVORITE hero...KARNA!!this was an illustration i did for a competition(it got nominated too),its that scene from Mahabharata when KARNA is lifting up the chariot wheel and Arjun kills him,one of the most energetic ,dynamic and melancholic scene from the epic!!!though i did it but i myself is not satisfied with this illustration...didn't get enough time actually to make it proper.modeling was done in Maya,used z brush for posing and photoshop for texturing(will post my W.I.P images soon).KARNA is my legend and is the greatest warrior of all time through out the history and through out the universe......

Thursday, January 28, 2010


still learning how to sculpt!!!this was one my own created character-THE BLIND GUARDIAN,sounds horrifying(doesn't it???).created the base mesh in 3ds max,and then sculpted it in zbrush.its also under progress...detailing of fingers and other details are still left!!


arnie!!!probably DUTCH from the movie predator....almost done...just the specular map has tobe re-touched!!!!and also the hair has to be modeled!!!apart from that its looking quite OUTRAGEOUS!!!!

"Forgiven"-An Illustration this line in a short story "LAL GHORA"(the red horse) by Narayan Gangopadhya.. and did this illustration about Man being forgiven eternally...modelled it in maya,photoshop for texturing,the final render was re-touched in photoshop.


modelling this freak was one of the greatest challenge i enjoyed...coz there was'nt any proper refference image for me to model this guy,it was sheer out of anatomy study and doing crazy things....i did it in maya and for posing zbrush.

The final fight

the Demon and the Hero...all set for the final fight.lets see who's the last man standing.was figiting with my all ready done models...umm...something caught in my brain drew a rough sketch and then just posed these fighters in zbrush,texturing is yet to be done.

The tragic Legend....KARNA

this is wip of my favorite character from mahabharat,the legendary warrior of all time..KARNA.
still many things are left to work upon on the model.i created Karna in my own way,modelled in maya and used photoshop for texturing.i'll also post my character sketch soon.